Florida Jumbo Loans

Florida Jumbo Loans are for those in the United States who seek to borrow over $417,000 (or higher in areas considered a “high cost area”). Lenders require a higher down payment and offer a higher interest rate than for conventional loans. You can find the county limits here. For more information about Florida jumbo loans, click here.

A Florida jumbo mortgage generally comes at a “jumbo” mortgage rate, meaning that that they are higher than conventional loans and require more money down. Jumbo mortgage rates in Florida can be either fixed rate or adjustable, based on the current Florida jumbo mortgage rate per area.

Jumbo Loans are generally loans with tighter or more stringent underwriting criteria.  While they are excellent programs for higher loan sizes, they also require additional planning and documentation.  Working with a knowledgeable lender with multiple outlets for funding these types of loans, is critical for long term savings.

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