HARP II – Program Benefits

  • New lower monthly payment
  • No underwater limits – refinance regardless of your homes decreased value
  • No Appraisals
  • No underwriting
  • No risk-based fees

Integrity Financials new Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) is designed to alleviate homeowners by presenting the substantial benefits of refinancing.

Regardless of zero or negative equity in your home, this program allows you the opportunity to refinance in order to aid you in your financial needs, while remaining financially responsible.

Integrity Financial recognizes the current stress placed on many homeowners today. The stringent guidelines in order to receive a loan are leaving many homeowners feeling constricted and confused about their next move.

HARP 2.0 allows homeowners, whose mortgage is held by either Fannie May or Freddie Mac, the opportunity to refinance without an appraisal. With interest rates standing at an all-time low, Integrity Financials HARP program provides you with noticeably significant savings. By refinancing now, you’re taking advantage of super low interest rates. In fact, the average homeowner is expected to save $200 per month after a HARP refinance. Additionally, your refinance rate is a fixed rate, allowing you to benefit from low interest rates for the next thirty years.

Under HARP, you can refinance to a fixed rate and take advantage of low interest rates for the next thirty years. The benefits of applying for a HARP loan are multi-faceted. No one should be told they can’t refinance and be stuck paying higher interest rates. By getting started and applying today after completing a no obligation application, you can begin receiving the benefits sooner.

Upon the completion of the no obligation application a professional Florida based mortgage specialist will speak with you in order to discuss your options and to determine if the HARP loan is right for you!

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