Looking to Lower your Interest Payments? Be Prepared With This Refinancing Checklist

If you purchased your home at a time when mortgage rates were high, then refinancing could be a good option to lower your monthly payments.  When rates are lower, as in what we are seeing today, refinancing can potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest.  Locking in this lower interest rate is great, and refinancing can come with some other benefits as well.  However it can be a tricky process and this post will talk about some of the items you will need.

Generally, most mortgage brokers or financial services companies will require a checklist of items for you to have in order to move forward with refinancing.  Some items are more readily available, but others may take some time in order to gather.  Use the below general refinancing checklist to see what most lenders require, so you can be best prepared.

  • Photo Identification: Driver’s license or passport can be used, but make sure both aren’t expired!
  • Proof of Income: A previous month’s pay stub is required to verify your total year to date income.
  • Asset Statements: Bank account statements for your Savings and Checking from the past 2-3 months.
  • W-2 tax forms: Previous two years of documents help lenders verify your previous employment and income history
  • Homeowners Insurance: Needed to show that you have current coverage on your home.

In order to find out more about what you will need for refinancing or if it even is the right option for you fill out the loan application to have a mortgage consultant contact you.  Integrity Financial loan specialists can give you all of the facts about the refinancing options you qualify for and help you through your buying process.  Give us a call today at 1-877-760-9854 to find out more information.

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