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Knowing your Credit Score

When applying for any type of loan or mortgage, one of the important factors a financial institution will look at is your credit score. These credit checks are necessary as they give that financial institution better insight into the level … Continue reading

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On The Fence About Home Purchasing? Rising Interest Rates May Change Your Mind

In our earlier blog post Look to Rising Mortgage Rates, we mentioned there was evidence of a rate increase trend going to occur.  Rates from the 30-year mortgage fixed rate were rising to above 3.5% and applications for mortgages were … Continue reading

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Looking to Lower your Interest Payments? Be Prepared With This Refinancing Checklist

If you purchased your home at a time when mortgage rates were high, then refinancing could be a good option to lower your monthly payments.  When rates are lower, as in what we are seeing today, refinancing can potentially save … Continue reading

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Should I Rent or Buy?

In today’s market, it is a justified question to ask if you should rent or buy your next property. At some point, every person who rents property has gotten frustrated and asked if their lives would be better by switching … Continue reading

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Looking for Housing Assistance in Rural Areas? USDA can help.

In the past few years the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has set a goal of building up rural development. Implemented in 2009, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) set its sights on tackling this issue by setting … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Commercial Loans: Types and Tips

The commercial property real estate market is full of opportunities but can also be a sizeable investment for businesses and individuals. If you are planning to enter the market and are researching commercial mortgages and commercial loan programs this blog … Continue reading

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Take Advantage of Your VA Home Loan Options.

In today’s tough economy, the decision to become a homeowner is one of the biggest financial and personal decisions you can make. It is a decision that requires carefully weighing your options and picking one that is right for you. … Continue reading

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Look to Rising Mortgage Rates

Interest rates have an ebb and flow to them, where one month they are rising only to see the next month decreasing. Looking from a general perspective, these interest rates have dropped significantly within the past 20 years and have … Continue reading

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Applying for a Loan? Check!

Before succeeding in obtaining any loan, whether it’s personal, home, auto, business or the like, you are required to complete a loan application at any accredited bank or financial institution. Before you start the loan application process it is important … Continue reading

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To Buy, or To Build?

Both buying and building a home are exciting endeavors that require careful thought and contemplation. Both will get a roof over your head, but each option has pros and cons that may, or may not, make it the option for … Continue reading

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