Applying for a Loan? Check!

Before succeeding in obtaining any loan, whether it’s personal, home, auto, business or the like, you are required to complete a loan application at any accredited bank or financial institution. Before you start the loan application process it is important to be prepared and ready to provide a surplus of information in order to be qualified.
Let Integrity Financial Services help you for this important process. Familiarize yourself with the checklist we have provided below in order to have all the necessary qualifiers ready now to save time later!
Loan Application Checklist:

  •  Address to your place of residence (past two years)
  • Social Security numbers
  • Names and location of your employers (past two years)
  • Gross monthly salary at your current job(s)
  • Pertinent information for all checking and savings accounts
  • Pertinent information for all open loans
  • Complete information for other real estate you own
  • Approximate value of all personal property
  • Certificate of Eligibility and DD-214 (for veterans only)
  • Current check stubs and your W-2 forms (past two years)
  • Personal tax returns (past two years), current income statement and business balance sheet for self-employed individuals

In addition to the listed items above, you will need to pay for a credit report and appraisal of the property. It is also important to note that the processing of your loan application may not be immediate and funds will be dispersed accordingly. Preparedness, patience and a good attitude will have you on your way to receiving the necessary funds you desire! If you have other questions regarding loans, or concerning loan application requirements, give Integrity Financial Services a call at 1-877-760-9854. We are always waiting and ready to help you!

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